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The clients of 3Logics operate in many fields of industry and many market sectors; government (taxes and customs, financial and risk-related reporting streams), health care and cure (internal hospital integration and automation -tools in medical physical laboratories-, health insurance, and collaboration and communication between care instititions), telecom (client oriented collaboration between service providers), utility sector (cooperation between utility providers on several fields of industry, product diversification), retail (digital ordering and invoicing, work floor optimization), financial markets and financial institutions (intrabank payments, mortgage management, portfolio management, policy- and claim administration, data governance, regulatory reporting -Basel, Solvency, Repository and Depository).
Market sectors differ on specific points. Like client undertakings that distinguish themselves with special characteristics. That's why clients benefit from solutions that maintain their specific profiles and keep them away from the uniformity of inflexible standard packages.
All too often standard packaged solutions run years behind reality. All too often this concerns solutions that are limited to technical IT and have little regard for employees and little options for managerial monitoring and control. Such solutions even often "take away control" from management with all the consequences.

Do you recognize this, then potentially you are a 3Logics client

New Clients?

3Logics takes in new clients regardless of field of industry or market sector.

On the mind of a new client should be a challenge concerning:

  • IT-alignment,
  • governance and control (including risk),
  • (business) performance
  • strategy, roadmaps and projects (budgeting)
  • architecture (enterprise and business'

Some of our Previous Clients:

  • Dutch Tax and Customs Office - XBRL expertise and services.
  • Dutch Telecom - telephone number porting.
  • Zurich Insurance - data architecture and data governance.
  • Nordea Bank - customer profitability center.
  • Haaglanden Care Institutions - interoperability.
  • Delta Lloyd insurance - policy and claim administration.