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Continuous innovation is a mechanism to establish a sustainable competitive advantage for an undertaking. It has been proven that undertakings that invest 10~15% of their revenue in R&D in order to drive innovation are far more successful in their markets compared to those undertakings that just cashed revenue.
To achieve most with the innovation effort the undertaking, or at least the department that deals with innovation, needs to be focused and directed towards innovation.
This department typically is the business development department where future business is shaped and this is not to be mistaken as "DevOps"!

The people in business development need to have a different mindset compared to those in the operational organization. Their mindset is "change" where operations' mindset must be stability, continuity and operational excellence.
Where 3Logics can help leverage operational excellence to an even higher level, the strength of 3Logics lays in "change for the better" with keywords as: faster, cheaper, better, smarter. 3Logics believes it is better to take a leap forward than to build strong defenses in threatening situations.