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Services & Specialties

3Logics is specialized in organizational change and business architecture advise.
In times when high decisiveness is needed most, the implementation of changes tends to last ever longer and more paralyzing. Many times this leaves an undertaking's responsiveness insufficient.
Given the right mandates and budget (commitment), 3Logics' objective is to help companies, undertakings and organizations to complete and incorporate changes within acceptable time lines, or as early as feasible in order to sustain competitiveness. 

The approach that 3Logics takes is to build team spirit, to propagate cooperation, to grow mutual understanding, to discover win-win situations, to ease conflicts and to avoid deadlocks.
Many of the goals in the approach take time to establish as a foundation. In the mean time the environment remains changing, always diverting away from the main objectives. Always challenging, always pushing the company towards a new crisis. 
Therefore all goals need to have self adjustment built in to them. Moreover a strategic far horizon needs to be part of all goals. 
To be able to ensure this 3Logics seeks commitment in the board for longer term goals that will support short term results.
3Logics will not become a power player itself. The role 3Logics seeks after is an invisible one but an eminent one.


  • Handle Organizational Change
  • Discover Creative and Innovative Solution Options
  • Business Architecture, `getting structure aligned with culture and direction`
  • Business Development, `new business with a keen eye on competitiveness`
  • Business Strategy, `where to go and why to go there`


  • Crisis handling
  • Bringing people together to collaborate
  • High level solution analysis and design
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis, high level planning and budgeting
  • Criterion discovery, criterion valuation and estimation. Decision Matrices Analysis.
  • Stakeholder influence investigation and weighting.