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Marijn Driel - CEO

Marijns characteristics are:
Involved in future business success. Focused to deliver high quality services to clients. Great customer focus. Experienced in architecture's value delivery. Dedicated to innovative change but careful to feasibility, cost and effort: 

"Don't change because you can, change because you should"

Recently successfully applied in several domains. 
  • A risk system in financial risk and compliance, 
  • A regulatory reporting lines in a bank, 
  • Information and data related architecture in financial markets, asset management, post trade, 
  • Health Information Exchange - hub in health care & cure, 
  • Business architecture in capital markets, 
  • A shared service center in policy and claim administration, 
  • A BPM-solution in core banking.

Current main domain is Financial Services with focus on staff departments. Recent main successful involvements are realization of BI function, data warehouse and data governance, financial risk management, internal risk models, central bank reporting, main general ledger, audit-trails and traceability.