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One version of the truth

posted Feb 5, 2018, 12:16 PM by Unknown user
As a big insurance company with an own bank we had to comply with regulations and report in both Basel III and Solvency II.
It was hard for us to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the data upon which we based our reports.
We asked 3Logics to help establish a bank wide data warehouse that pond also a insurance wide data warehouse that would offer asset details and risk aggregation.
First 3Logics helped us with the design of a data warehouse, the setup of a data governance framework and team and the build of a Basel III reporting line.
Second 3Logics designed the Solvency II reporting line that was build on top of financial, risk and asset collections on insurance group level.
The expertise that 3Logics brought to the table on XBRL reporting proved to be of much value.
Thanks for helping out.